Leadership from the Inside Out – Becoming a Leader for Life

Leadership from the Inside Out
209 Pages
ISBN 978-1-57675-599-0

As one of the first books to clearly connect personal growth to leadership effectiveness, Leadership from the Inside Out has been a breakthrough business bestseller and a proven classic. Framed in seven simple yet profound "mastery areas,"—Personal Mastery; Purpose Mastery; Interpersonal Mastery; Change Mastery; Resilience Mastery; Being Mastery; and Action Mastery— the book guides readers through an integrated coaching experience with Cashman's voice and presence challenging, provoking, inspiring, and coaching along the way. Through his trademark "grow the whole person to grow the whole leader" approach," Cashman helps leaders understand how to harness their authentic, value-creating influence and elevate their impact as individuals, in teams, and in organizations. Cashman demonstrates that "we lead by virtue of who we are" and that authenticity and purpose are essential to sustained success in today's talent-starved marketplace and provide a measurable return on investment.

For everyone from CEOs to emerging leaders, this second edition advances the art and science of leadership and is even more relevant today than when it was first published. It includes validating independent research, which has caught up with what Cashman and his team had been experiencing many years in the field.

A new edition is underway and will be released in late 2017.

Kevin Cashman

About Kevin Cashman (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Kevin Cashman

Kevin Cashman is Senior Partner at Korn Ferry, specializing in CEO & Executive Development and Keynote Speaking. Named a Top 10 Thought Leader by Leadership Excellence, Kevin is one of the world's premier CEO coaches and a world-class keynote speaker. Kevin is the bestselling author of six leadership books, all centered around his “grow the whole person to grow the whole leader” approach to integrated leadership development. Leadership from the Inside Out, first published in 1998, is considered a business classic, was listed as one of the top-selling business books of the decade by 800-CEO-READ, and the #1 Bestselling Business Book of 2000. The second edition, published in 2008, is currently used at more than 100 universities and leadership programs worldwide.

Kevin is the founder of the Executive to Leader Institute® and Chief Executive Institute®, referred to as the “Mayo Clinic” of executive development by Fast Company. He also founded LeaderSource, recognized as one of the top three leadership development programs globally. In 2006, LeaderSource joined Korn Ferry.