Leadership's Perfect Storm – What Millennials are Teaching Us about Possibilities, Passion and Purpose

Leadership's Perfect Storm
360 Pages
ISBN 978-1945271373

Buffeted by currents of change, today’s leaders are finding traditional leadership approaches insufficient to compete and thrive. The most successful are discovering that to stay ahead of the curve, every employee must have the leadership capabilities once only required of senior managers. Millennials are uniquely poised to take on these challenges provided they feel aligned with a company’s vision and can use their gifts to do meaningful work.

Susan Inouye, executive coach for over 20 years lays out in a compelling fashion, case stories, concepts and principles, grounded in research and substantiated in proven results what millennials can teach us to be better leaders and live a purposeful contributory life in complex times. Motivated to find a better way to engage millennials for her frustrated clients, she was introduced to Tony LoRe, founder and CEO of Youth Mentoring Connection. A successful business executive, LoRe had been transforming and saving the lives of thousands of inner-city millennials in Los Angeles ghettos for over 15 years. His leadership style changed when he listened to what would engage them. Over the years influenced by these youth, he created the “Gift-Centered Approach” which refers to bringing out the best “gifts” that each of us carries inside. This method is at the heart of his way of leading which he called Sawubona (Zulu for “I see you”).

Inspired and moved by YMC’s culture, the unprecedented results of their programs and the way they honored and valued each other’s gifts, Susan brought Sawubona Leadership to the corporate world, guiding hundreds of clients’ teams through dramatic turnarounds and cultural transformations to achieve increased productivity and profitability while transforming their lives. Today, Sawubona is in over 30 countries. By learning the three principles of Sawubona Leadership, Inouye shows you how to make the five LeaderShifts that are critical to compete in today’s world; how to tap into your three centers of intelligence – head, heart and body, to harness the drive from within to exceed organizational objectives and strengthen 21st Century Leadership Capabilities at all levels. The Coach’s Corner provides diverse ways for readers to incorporate Sawubona Leadership into their lives. With inspiration and instruction, Inouye becomes your personal coach through Leadership’s Perfect Storm.

Susan Inouye

About Susan Inouye (Los Angeles, California Author)

Susan Inouye

Susan’s proven track record in transformational change over the past two decades has positively impacted the personal experience and bottom-line results for leaders of over 600 companies in forty industries—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as CBRE, Fluor, Kiyonna, Southern California Edison, and Wellpoint—to surpass corporate success and to live more vital, balanced, and fulfilled lives both personally and professionally.

As a recognized expert in working with millennials, she has helped executives and managers increase levels of creativity and productivity by understanding and knowing how to engage and motivate this generation of unique talents. Because of her exceptional results with millennials and their leaders, Susan has been tapped for numerous consultations, articles, podcasts, speaking engagements, workshops, and leadership forums such as Young President’s Organization, USC Women’s Conference, and National Association of Women Business Owners Conference.

Because of Susan’s deep commitment to community, she has raised funds and actively supports the work of many not-for-profit organizations. Her congressperson presented Susan with the Congressional Award for her outstanding participation and contribution to the community and her unselfish and untiring devotion for a better society. Coaching is the ultimate expression of Susan’s purpose in life. This passion for her work brings an integrity that helps unite communities and make the world a better place. Susan lives in Los Angeles with her husband Tony. She can be reached at Susan@SusanInouye.com.