LeaderSHOP – Volume 1: Workplace, Career, and Life Advice From Today’s Top Thought Leaders

238 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 978-1724067029

Do you wish you could eavesdrop on conversations with some of today's smartest thought leaders?

Here's your chance.

In LeaderSHOP, bestselling author Rodger Dean Duncan asks leading experts the questions most pertinent to your success at work and in life. Their responses will inspire, motivate, and possibly even surprise you. And one thing's for certain: they'll make you smarter and better prepared to perform at the next level.

With a foreword and additional commentary by Marshall Goldsmith, the World's only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker, LeaderSHOP is sure to become a favorite item in your personal development toolkit.

In LeaderSHOP you'll get great ideas on how to:

• challenge traditional definitions of leadership and success

• deal with conflict in ways that strengthen relationships

• cultivate personal gifts you didn't even know you had

• create a to-be list that's more helpful than a to-do list

• navigate office politics while advancing your own good causes

• strengthen your personal and professional "brand"

• build a user-friendly culture that brings out people's best

• establish a high-trust, high-performance team

• give and receive feedback that really helps

• name and tame the "undiscussable" elephants in the room

• increase your value at work, at home, in life

Rodger Dean Duncan

About Rodger Dean Duncan (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Rodger Dean Duncan

Rodger Dean Duncan is the award-winning, bestselling author of CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP and a regular contributor to Forbes and other publications. His work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Fast Company, Inc., and many other national and international media outlets.

He was advisor to cabinet officers in two White House administrations and headed global communication for Campbell Soup Company. He’s been leadership coach to senior officers in more than 100 companies in multiple industries.

Duncan earned his PhD in communication and organizational behavior at Purdue University. Legendary personal success coach Stephen R. Covey called Duncan’s work in leadership “brilliantly insightful and inspiring; profound, yet user-friendly; visionary, yet highly practical.”