Leading Jesus' Way – Become The Servant Leader God Created You To Be

Leading Jesus' Way
202 Pages
ISBN 0692755535

This book is for Christians who want to live out their faith at work and become a more effective and impactful leader.

God is calling you, right now, to be a servant leader. You were designed to be a leader in your work, your community, your family, and in your personal life. You were created to be a servant leader. Leading Jesus’ Way: Become the Servant Leader God Created You to Be will show you how.

You will learn the principles of faith-based servant leadership, based on biblical principles and the way Jesus lived and led. Practical examples, based on Mark Deterding’s successful business career demonstrate how to apply the principles. Specific steps, tools, and exercises will help you put the principles to work.

Mark Deterding

About Mark Deterding (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Mark Deterding

Mark Deterding is an author, speaker, consultant, executive coach and the founder of Triune Leadership Services. With over three decades of experience directing companies and developing leaders, Mark created A Model of Servant Leadership parallel to the principles that Jesus himself illustrated.

Working with organizations, leadership teams, and executives one-on-one, he helps bring focus, clarity, and action to make things work. He also conducts training programs to teach faith-based servant leadership principles. His greatest passion is seeing the impact servant leadership has on people’s lives and beyond. Leading Jesus’ Way is his second book.

Mark lives in Alexandria, Minnesota with his wife Kim. They have two sons, two lovely daughter-in-laws, and three wonderful grandchildren, so far. To find out more about Mark and his work, visit TriuneLeadershipServices.com