Learning Unleashed – Reimagining and Repurposing Our Schools

Learning Unleashed
152 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4758-2920-4

Children enter the world curiously hard-wired for creativity and imagination. After a few short years of school, something drastically changes for them. Why? There is an unmistakable and deliberate attempt to control the learning of young people who find themselves sitting in our schools. The industrial model of schooling has taken its toll and victims without remorse. It programs curious young minds to become helpless, dependent, and compliant. After years of observing and participating in some of these questionable practices herself, Evonne decided it was time to tell the truth about schools. She tackles the “sacred school rituals” that are rarely questioned and widely accepted as normal. She offers common sense solutions that challenge us to re-imagine how we do school in this country. With strong conviction, passion, and a call to action, she encourages us to hear and listen to the voices of our children who are crying out for the freedom to learn.

Evonne Espey Rogers

About Evonne Espey Rogers (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Evonne Espey Rogers

Evonne Rogers has served as an educator in three states, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and California. She has been a classroom teacher, a school and central office administrator, a county coordinator for English Learners and a curriculum and instruction director. She ended her schooling career serving as a district Assistant Superintendent for ten years.

Having spent her entire life in and around schools, she cares deeply about teaching and learning. Her experiences in schools has led her to speak and write, with passion, about what she has observed over the years. Her belief is that all children deserve to have conditions in which they can thrive, grow, and learn without fear of threat, intimidation, failure, or coercion. Her desire is that schools become true partners in facilitating the unique and individualized education every young person deserves.