Lessons in Love – The Ebb and Flow of Intimacy

Lessons in Love
65 Pages
ISBN 978-1542712170

Lessons in Love: The Ebb and Flow of Intimacy is a poetic journey of relationships and intimacy that will allow you to feel with real emotions the voyage of love in both its positive and negative forms. It will make you reminisce on the great highs of love as well as feel the pains of the valleys that we have all experienced in some capacity in a relationship.

The purpose of Lessons in Love is to explore intimacy in its rawest form and all of the feelings we experience within different situations in love. It teaches poetically from an introspective point of view about self-love and loving others. Let’s be honest – we can all say that we have felt pain, love, infatuation, rejection, and ecstasy with someone. That is why this book will be able to connect to everyone.

Lessons in Love takes you on an honest, transparent, and seductive journey through the ebb and flow, the ins and outs, and the climactic fluctuations of relationships.

Tonya M. Nanthavong

About Tonya M. Nanthavong (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Tonya M. Nanthavong

Tonya started writing poetry at the age of 7. Shortly after, at age 10, she was encouraged by several of her teachers to share her courageous insight and honesty and began participating in middle school with both middle and high school students in poetry and writing competitions throughout the state of Ohio.

Since then, Tonya has continued to write, however becoming more internal with her writing skills and used writing as an escape and a way to explore self-healing and personal therapy.

Tonya's writing now offers a very real, raw and vulnerable approach. Through both her speaking and writing, Tonya infuses her poetry and story-telling with self-love, life lessons, and a celebration of being true to who you are, all which can be felt by her audiences. She is able to offer a place of commonality among her audiences and encourages community building in many ways through her works.