Life Continues – Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause, and Midlife with Hope, Courage and Humor

Life Continues
180 Pages
ISBN 978-0615388755

A moving, witty memoir chronicling nearly 20 years in the life of a woman from St. Thomas who moved from the frozen tundra to the Midwest to attend college and learned she had multiple sclerosis.

In a format mimicking the unpredictable course of MS, the now middle-aged and married Ambrosio's narrative of compelling and humorous personal essays and poems recounts how she deals with the arrival of "Duct Tape Days," walking like Frankenstein, menopausal moments, and other physical and emotional challenges.

Ambrosio uses laughter to cope with the uncertainty of what lies ahead. She has an uncanny ability to focus on what she can do instead of dwelling on the mounting 'cannot's.

Carmen Ambrosio

About Carmen Ambrosio (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Carmen Ambrosio

Carmen Ambrosio was born in the U. S. Virgin Islands. After she earned a degree in journalism from Michigan State University, she held corporate positions in marketing communications and sales before switching careers to advertising. Carmen later worked for Ohio nonprofit agencies in public relations and client programs. Since 2007, she has operated her own business designing and selling merchandise featuring her writing and photography. Life Continues: Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause and Midlife with

Hope, Courage and Humor is her first book.

She and her husband Larry live in Dublin, Ohio. Their right-tail wagging, always shedding, constantly entertaining pooch Samson shared their household and served as Carmen’s muse for 10 years.