Life Unbolted – A journey back to the starting line of life

Life Unbolted
276 Pages
ISBN 1481898388

Life Unbolted is both a memoir and a challenging lifestyle. We can only reach the finish line if we dare to venture onto the starting line. There are many paths one might take in the course of a lifetime, and the path back to the starting line of life is, perhaps, the most elusive. To return to the time when tiny winglets sprouted from your shoulders, allowing for a departure from the nest, into the sky to meet your destiny requires faith, determination, and endless amounts of patience. You may also use a burning desire to wander unbolted beyond the sometimes jaded expectations of others.

The journey was long, needed and sometimes brutal. The result, however, was a recharged life, which I emerged completely refreshed, optimistic and filled with enough speed, strength, and desire to pick a fight with the forces of greed.

One of the many gifts of this journey was a vision of how to lay an adaptive foundation for the coming generation – that is, an entirely new way of looking at energy or the Principle of “Entity-Specific Power,” a rather mundane title for something that could change the entire way we generate, store and supply energy.

The other gift – the greatest one – was learning that a life of faith begins with eyes closed, placing one foot in front of another, and walking forward believing that you will be guided … and since life is short, there’s no better time to start than right now. I hope you will step inside and join me on that journey.

Patrick Detscher

About Patrick Detscher (Fairfield County, Connecticut Author)

Patrick Detscher

Patrick Detscher is an Author, Athlete, and Inventor. His desire to, "fix the broken" is evident in his work as a Global Ecologist, and an Eco-metric Ecosystem Businessman. His innate desire to change things is rooted in his understanding of science, technology, human nature, and the love of his three children.