Limitless (Young Adult Version) – You Can Experience the Freedom, Power and Potential You Were Created For

Limitless (Young Adult Version)
186 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9980870-6-1

Have you ever felt devastated, tears rolling down your face, because you once again failed God? You promised yourself you’d never fall into the same sin again. You’ve prayed about it over and over, but it has tripped you up at the most inopportune times, knocking you back several steps. Maybe like Aaron, and millions of Christians around the world, you have felt powerless to overcome the same one or two pitfalls that repeatedly cause you to question “why can’t I beat this thing?!” You’ve prayed that God would take it away. Yet just when you were starting to get ahead and feeling like you were moving forward, that same mistake blindsided you again, limiting your progress and seemingly sabotaging your successes.

This is a scenario that typically begins during your teens, and is a telltale sign that a stronghold is being established in your life. But you don’t have to carry the weight of that bondage any longer! God created you for greatness! He has provided the means to walk in victory over every lie, every deception, every obstacle, and every stronghold that has ever held you back. You are about to embark on a journey to experiencing the freedom, power, and potential that you were created by God to encounter!

Are you ready to experience more? Free your mind today. The possibilities are limitless!

Aaron D. Davis

About Aaron D. Davis (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Aaron D. Davis

Aaron Davis, also known as the Tattooed Preacher (@TattooPreacher on social networks), is an ordained minister of twenty years, a staff pastor at OasisChurch.Tv. and the author of 2 best selling books, Quantum Christianity: Discovering the Science of Scripture, Uncovering the Mysteries of Faith & Limitless: You Can Experience the Freedom, Power and Potential You Were Created For.

Pastor Aaron has served in ministry as a youth pastor, an associate pastor, a traveling evangelist, a street evangelist, a church elder, and a worship leader, and served on the board of trustees in one of the most respected ministries in the US. He has worked with and ministered to the homeless, inner-city youth, gang members, and drug addicts. He’s preached in other countries and is currently pursuing an evangelistic ministry both stateside and abroad.

Aaron was a law enforcement officer from 1999 until 2008, serving as a DARE Officer, School Resource Officer, Detective Sergeant (criminal investigations), and SWAT team member, and was awarded Officer of the Year in 2002. An attempt was made on his life in the line of duty, forcing a medical retirement.

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