Listen Carefully As Our Menu Has Recently Changed – Musings of a Baby Boomer Living in a Millennial World

Listen Carefully As Our Menu Has Recently Changed
187 Pages
LovelyLana Press
ISBN 978-1-647043-33-9 (paperback); 978-1-647043-32-2 (ebook)

In his latest book, Roger Loring offers his Baby Boomer perspective on a variety of issues.

Passing Laws in Congress: There are over 200 committees in Congress. There are conference committees, interim committees, joint committees, sub-committees, and of course, each chamber has a float and a prom committee.

Growing up in Iowa: Parents in other parts of the country get excited when their child first says “mama” or “dada.” In Iowa, parental hearts best faster if a child’s first word is “corn.” And they feel greatly blessed if the child’s first word is “ethanol.”

Social Media: Marc Zuckerburg came up with the idea for Facebook when he was a student at Harvard, proving once and for all that not every student at the prestigious Ivy League college is a dumb jock.

Connecting with friends: “Instead of texting, older people feel sending a note written in cursive is just fine. While younger people may have a bit of an understanding about sending notes they have absolutely no understanding of cursive.”

Viewing a Picasso Painting: Part of the painting shows various female body parts arranged in such a way that the purpose seems to be to just fill up space. It is not an erotic painting in that—unlike a Playmate of the Month centerfold—it is difficult to recognize the various body parts. I could be completely wrong about all of this and it is a painting of Legos.

Running a Marathon: When I sit on my porch and walkers come by, I wave and think to myself, better you than me, but when runners come by, I immediately go inside and organize all of my ties by color, width, and type of stains on each.

Roger D Loring

About Roger D Loring (Richmond, Virginia Author)

Roger D Loring

Roger Dale Loring is the author of Why Men Don’t Ask For Directions. He was born in the small town of Keokuk, Iowa. After graduating from the University of Iowa, he joined the Teacher Corps and came to Virginia, where he earned a master’s degree from Hampton Institute.

He taught school in Gloucester, Virginia for thirty-two years. Much of the time he can now be found on a golf course, where his primary goal is not to hurt any of his fellow golfers.