Little Baby Poot-Poot

Little Baby Poot-Poot
32 Pages
ISBN 978-1-944701-00-0

What will the Forest Fairy do to a very stinky baby? Children will love to find out in this 30-page picture book.

Susanne Whited

About Susanne Whited (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Susanne Whited

Susanne Whited’s love for writing children’s books began several years ago when she was raising her son and daughter as a wheelchair-bound mother. Determined to make sure her children never felt they missed out on “normal” childhood activities because they had a disabled mother; movies, arcades, sports and music lessons were common pastimes.

As a single mother money was tight and scholarships were available for her daughter’s piano lessons. One requirement was that the child must write a children’s story as part of the application process. Susanne enjoyed helping her daughter with her books year after year, but never revisited the book ideas after the lessons became too much to afford even with a scholarship.

No one could have imagined or dreamed that several years later, as both her son and her daughter entered adulthood, her journey would begin again. Completely unexpectedly she found herself awaiting the birth of her third child after her 43rd birthday. With advances in print-on-demand publishing and the demand for eBooks, Susanne is now creating books to share with her youngest daughter to hopefully instill a passion for reading like she has.

Susanne’s love of reading and watching her children learn has been a true labor of love that has spanned decades and we, as both parents and readers, are fortunate to experience that same pleasure with her as we literally take a page from her book and use her words and wisdom to pass on to generations of both our own children and the ones we love. Her passion to entertain, educate and encourage the natural curiosity that lives in all children will entice them to want to read her books again and again.

Anyone who has ever given birth, babysat, taught young children in preschool, or had the same book handed to them over and over knows that the innate thirst for knowledge in every boy and girl can be quenched between the pages of a book. It seems as though Susanne has found the key to not only peak a child’s interest, but hold their attention as they learn, while finding joy in the process of decoding letters and forming words. It is precious gift that will last them a lifetime.

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