Little Book of OK – Secret Mermaid Stuff to Help you Happy Relax

Little Book of OK
110 Pages
Muse Publications
ISBN 978-1544788999

When is the last time you felt ok yesterday, ten years ago, never?

Did you know the expression OK is 175 years old and going strong, with legendary status and loofah usability.

It’s a superpower.

OK is the way to let go of stress and sleeplessness and is the secret ingredient in casseroles of love and loss.

Open any page, anywhere, anytime, get what you need. Read it in one rainy afternoon last page first on an imaginary sand dune.
Have a picnic of OK today with extra sprinkles of spectacular OK and share with a friend who needs a big hug nugget from a mermaid nurse!

Kyane Howland

About Kyane Howland (Sheboygan, Wisconsin Author)

Kyane Howland

Mz Tree, aka, Kyane Howland is the creator and teacher at LakeMusic Studio in Wisconsin on the shores of a great lake. An award-winning, conservatory trained singer/songwriter, she has performed on Public Radio, NYC, the Pabst, Bookworm Gardens, hospitals, schools, and the lullaby club for her two kids and now the global neighborhood on FB.

Her CD’s“Blueberry Sky” and “Lullaby Sky” accompany both of mz tree’s popular picture books-- -- “Arden in the Garden” illustrated by the amazing watercolorist Evelyn Grasse tells the tale of a child who wants to grow ‘now pow wow” as he has a breakfast picnic and tries to touch the sun. --“Tick Tock Tuck” illustrated by the incredible Plastico Penaloza is a sweet dream suite to each season, four stories in one, and celebrates a child's ability to observe their world, and drift off to sleep as they feel grateful for the day and its seashells and leaves.

A Masters in Writing gives the singing nurse, a unique Suess spin making stories easy to read, remember, and even sing. Westside Voice critics said “she enchants both old and young”. Parents have also called mz tree the new Poppins, because she helps kids take care of themselves, each other, and the earth.

Her latest "Little Book of Ok" is to help parents through the anxiety and avalanche of so much MUCH.