Little Italy Philadelphia and 9th Street Italian Market in South Philly – 9th Street Italian Market in South Philly

Little Italy Philadelphia and 9th Street Italian Market in South Philly
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When the first Italian moved to the area near Catherine Street around 1798, it was mostly forest and field. It was considered Irishtown by the early residents. By 1852, an Italian church had been established for the community, and from the advent of mass migration beginning in 1876 grew Philadelphia's Little Italy.

The original neighborhood was bound by the area from Sixth Street to Eleventh Street and Bainbridge to Federal Streets. Many of the early families—Baldi, Pinto, and Fiorella—established businesses in the area that continue today. Other beautiful buildings still left standing are remnants of the once thriving banking industry in this little neighborhood. As time progressed, the market expanded beyond its local neighbors. Italians throughout Philadelphia developed their own Little Italy communities to the north, west, and farther south of the original boundaries.

Michael DiPilla

About Michael DiPilla (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author)

Michael DiPilla

Michael DiPilla is a Philadelphia native who grew up in one of the newer Little Italy neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Graduate of a local college. He worked in Italy . Today he is President of the National Italian Museum of America and trying to secure a museum to preserve the Contributions of Italians to America from the Romans, to the Renaissance to our ancestors.