Living Your Extreme Destiny – A Guide to Defining, Understanding, and Living Your Passion

Living Your Extreme Destiny
196 Pages
ISBN 978-1664211384

Live the life you deserve … Are you wondering what you were placed on this earth to do? Do you sit and wish you were living your best life to the fullest? Do you ever think about what it would be like to know exactly why God placed you on this earth? Are you feeling lack and incomplete in your current job? Would you like to know how to reach your extreme destiny? This essential guide will help you learn how to find your true purpose and passion in life. You’ll learn different strategies to find the true meaning of why you were placed on this earth. Rather than staying stuck in a career that brings resentment and void, you will learn to live your passion and live your life to the fullest.

Toni C Huhges

About Toni C Huhges (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Toni C Huhges

Toni C. Hughes is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, currently residing in Summerville, South Carolina. She is an actor, author, and entrepreneur who has worked as a computer scientist for the Department of Defense. She is a living example of what it’s like to live in your purpose and live a life led by passion and love for her craft. Her motto is “inspire, impact, and change lives.” Her desire in life is to help others achieve and live a life of authenticity while pursuing their passion. She also holds a B.S. in computer science from Tennessee State University and an M.S. in science management with an emphasis in project management from Strayer University. She has two children, Malik and Malayia. She is driven by her faith in God and love for her craft of being a creative.