Longing to Be – Facing her fears was not part of her curriculum

Longing to Be
313 Pages
ISBN 978-0692833483

A wealthy girl from the Hamptons, Bree Van Tousen has known nothing but good fortune. But a horrific encounter on her first night in college leaves her broken, confused, and scared. Gradually, as Bree begins to heal, she finds solace in the arms of a forbidden man on campus. Knowing their infatuation with one another could cost him his job and her enrollment at the university, they are forced to keep their whirlwind romance a secret…from everyone. That is, until someone decides that their happiness needs to be destroyed. Unfortunately for Bree, she is also dealing with the police as they attempt to find the man who has terrorized numerous women on campuses throughout New York. As her wounds are reopened, Bree never sees the heartbreak coming and is crushed when the one person she needs in her life leaves her. In Longing to Be, Bree has to make a decision. Walk away before anyone gets hurt or risk it all? What will Bree decide?  

Laurel Ostiguy

About Laurel Ostiguy (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Laurel Ostiguy

Laurel (Kupillas) Ostiguy was born in Queensbury, New York—a town sandwiched between Lake George and Saratoga Springs—where she still visits with friends and family. She currently lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She commutes into Boston for a job she loves at a financial firm.

She attended Plymouth State University and graduated in 1997. She is now married to her college sweetheart, Jeff, and they have two sons. She also received her master’s degree from Northeastern University in 2003. When she is not working in Boston, she loves to spend time with her family and friends as well as skiing, skating, swimming, writing, or just enjoying the beautiful New England seasons.

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