Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch

Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch
104 Pages
ISBN 1631831402

From humble family dog to Royal Pooch, what a difference a doggie DNA test makes. When Banjo discovers his royal roots, he realizes he’s destined to rule−and to write. His two priorities are to protect his Royal Flock and to tell his story. And so begins the daily writing ritual: Lord Banjo barks and the Royal Mum types.

This entertaining tale covers a year in his Royal Life with the Royal Mum and Dad and the Royal Critter Sitter. Puddin’ and Tinker, who share the Royal Abode, make clear what they think about their brother’s royal status.

Animal lovers everywhere will appreciate Lord Banjo’s sense of humor and his antics, and pet parents will find his behavior strangely familiar.

Kathy Manos Penn

About Kathy Manos Penn (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Kathy Manos Penn

Born in NYC and transplanted to the South in high school, Kathy Manos Penn lives with her husband and their four-legged kids in Dunwoody, Georgia. She taught high school English before embarking on a three-decade career in banking, where, it seemed she always ended up writing.

While still working in the corporate world, she began a side job as a columnist for the local newspaper. She is now happily retired from banking but has no plans to retire from the joyful job of writing. Her first book, "The Ink Penn: Celebrating the Magic in the Everyday," is a collection of her columns. Next came "Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch," co-written with her dog and inspired by his doggie DNA results.

Whether she's writing columns, blogs, or her next book, she finds time daily to read--primarily mystery novels set in England. Her motto? LIVE | LOVE | WRITE

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