Losing a Hero to Alzheimer's – The Story Of Pearl

Losing a Hero to Alzheimer's
108 Pages
ISBN 978-1512707212

This is a compelling story about the life of a caring woman, Pearl, who was the rock of her family and afflicted with Alzheimer's. She was in a bad marriage for over thirty years and had a strong relationship with God. Pearl was the biological mother of four children but a mother to many others. Jesse, Pearl's husband, was unfaithful and verbally and physical abusive throughout their entire marriage. Pearl also struggled with depression. Her husband conveniently remained in denial about her illness. That way he wouldn't have to address his wife losing her independence. As Pearl progressed through the grueling stages of Alzheimer's, she became more and more forgetful. She was forced to retire from her job and started to lose her social life. With the stress from her marriage that she masked for so many years and an unsafe living environment, Pearl's condition took a turn for the worse. As the illness progressed, her body functions started to shut down. Patricia was forced to take action as other family members stood still, watching from the sidelines. When Patricia and Blake accepted Pearl into their home, it was the beginning of a divided family and an estranged relationship with her father, who was bitter and felt betrayed. Trish held on to God as she dealt with the stress from her family and her mother's debilitating disease.

Patricia M McClure

About Patricia M McClure (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Patricia M McClure

Award Winning Author Patricia McClure-Chessier is married to Pastor Eric H. Chessier of the Cornerstone Christian Church of Chicago, and the Radio Host of Sound Doctrine Broadcast (AM 1570). She lives in the Chicago land area with her husband and children.

McClure has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Masters Degree in Public Administration. She is presently an Associate Chief Executive Officer at a Psychiatric Hospital. Additionally, McClure is an Adjunct College Professor and teach health care courses.

McClure has traveled the country to help raise awareness to "Alzheimer's" at health care conferences, churches, public libraries, Barnes & Noble Stores, and expos. She has done several radio and television interviews. "Losing a Hero to Alzheimer’s The Story of Pearl” received 1st place in the Aging and Relationships categories at the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards by Five Star Publication in 2016.

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