Love Bandit – A "tail" of foster care

Love Bandit
36 Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 1535333995

Bandit is a lovable, sometimes mischievous raccoon who finds himself in foster care with complete strangers, new rules, and many confusing emotions. He eventually works his way through the emotional conflicts to find happiness and acceptance. The story is told from the perspective of the foster child. This book is a wonderful tool for introducing the feelings that accompany leaving a birth family, learning about rules and new environments, and learning to love and trust again. The book contains a list of famous people who were in foster care or adopted, and a “My Story” area where the child can write in his or her own story. Activities and advice for professionals and foster parents are included.

Recommendations …Virginia Ulch’s book for foster children is excellent. Both content and photographs address the critical issues foster children face while at the same time bringing hope that they can survive their adversity. This resource would be invaluable for foster parents as well as those in the helping profession who work with foster children. William Steele, MSW, PsyD, Director of The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children …As a therapist who works with children in foster and adoptive homes, this book will be indispensable in the therapy office. Children will enjoy hearing about Bandit’s adventures, identify with his imperfections, and be able to absorb the valuable lessons about love and acceptance. Jean Cook, M ED., LPCC

Virginia Ulch

About Virginia Ulch (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Virginia Ulch

Virginia Ulch had a masters degree in counseling. She is a former special education teacher, an elementary counselor, and a clinical hypnotherapist. She has been a foster and adoptive parent for 20 years. Virginia currently lives with her husband, children and a variety of critters.

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