Love Happens – A Romantic Fantasy Comedy

Love Happens
73 Pages
ISBN 978-0-7443-2365-8

Meet Ramses El Djinn, prince of all the genies, ordered by his father to find a master and fulfill his destiny. He gives Ramses thirty days and, in present-day Philadelphia, the prince finds both his master and wife—Rebecca Raven. But when Ramses reveals his true nature to his bride, she's surprised but not shocked, and why should she be? After all, she’s a witch! But he's horrified. Witches are only genies who gained their freedom, leaving the rest merely slaves in the magical community. Neither Ramses’ nor Rebecca’s father is happy, and the patriarchs set aside their ancient animosity to join forces and break up the couple before their first anniversary. Easy enough for the pair to fight...if their fathers didn’t already have them fighting each other. Can wishes make things better? Or even a witch?

As both a love story and a magical one, Love Happens has appeal for all: compelling to the romantics, and comedy and fantasy for the fun-loving. Adults will be intrigued by the story, while younger readers will be drawn to the magic, especially Whisk, Rebecca’s broom—no mouth but plenty of personality—and everyone will be enchanted by the fun of it all.

Vince Nolan

About Vince Nolan (North Jersey Author)

Vince Nolan

As a lifelong writer with a fascination for fantasy and magic, Vince Nolan has gone from creating his own fan fiction ("Bewitched" Meets "I Dream of Jeannie") to self-publishing his first fantasy novel on Amazon (The Rainbow in the Room) to his latest lighthearted, supernatural romantic comedy available through SynergeBooks: Love Happens.

Vince uses a light, fun and casual style of writing to create his gallery of charming magical characters who not only entertain, but speak to some of life's concerns, including surviving—and succeeding—in a world where magic can, hopefully, be embraced and accepted.

In between working on additions to his magical cast of characters, Vince enjoys reading classic authors, such as Thorne Smith and Ian Fleming, learning from the masters in their genres, and hoping to achieve his own success with his unique style and voice. He firmly believes that every day presents new opportunities, challenges, and surprises—and he looks forward to every one of them.

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