Love in Every Stitch – Stories of Knitting and Healing

Love in Every Stitch
210 Pages
ISBN 1632280183

A modern storyteller relates tales of healing and redemption through the simple art of knitting, tying the stories together with the thread of her own experiences. She elicits deep emotional moments of recollection from people that she meets when she talks of how knitting truly saved her life, and how it can be used as a tool by disenfranchised youth, youngsters at the edge of community, to find self-worth and a way to find solace in their frightening world.

The stories Lee shares about herself and fellow knitters from around the world illustrate how each knit and purl can comfort and calm, heal and renew. A suicidal teenager crochets through pregnancy. A dying woman finds comfort in the company of knitters. A woman finds the courage to face her estranged parents. A woman going blind realizes she can still knit — and experience life. And Lee’s life, riddled with more than just anxiety, has at last become stable and productive. This book includes stories of women, men, and teens who have experienced profound change and enlightenment through knitting and crochet.

Lee Gant

About Lee Gant (Santa Rosa, California Author)

Lee Gant

Over the course of her career working at yarn stores, teaching countless knitting classes, and volunteering with at-risk youth, master knitter and designer Lee Gant discovered that knitting not only fosters self-esteem, hope, and healing—it has the power to save lives. Knitting saved Gant’s own life at her lowest, and Love in Every Stitch is a poignantly beautiful testament to the healing power that can change millions of lives, one stitch at a time.