Love in Las Palmas

Love in Las Palmas
229 Pages
ISBN 979-8654878618

As a child, Wren Woodward, our heroine in the story, had yearned to travel across the Atlantic to the Canary Islands. Finally, during her college years, she and three of her girlfriends made plans to visit Las Palmas. Wren, always the sentimentalist, daydreamed about finding a hot new boyfriend on the islands and possibly living there full-time one day.

While on her trip, she fell hard for an older man, Efraim Galan, the son of the highest ranking government official in all of Spain. Could she really have a future with someone like Efraim Galan? Or would her lowly stature turn his family off? Could she live in Spain, a Spanish-speaking country, a different culture, and live happily ever after? Or would she be a misfit encountering strife and dark roadblocks, maybe even death? She definitely would be finding out.

Explore this new romance about a young woman's trials and tribulations of self-discovery during her all-inclusive outing to the Canary Islands, Las Palmas. Imagine the green maritime scenery on the islands as well as the turquoise Atlantic Ocean, an extraordinary setting for a romance.

Themes: Romance, Disappointment, Love, Hope, Sex, Homelessness

Ellen Lopez

About Ellen Lopez (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Ellen Lopez

Ellen Lopez was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She spent most of her "growing up" years practicing ballet, playing neighborhood sports and dreaming about faraway places like the Netherlands ("the Lowlands"), Norway ("the Land of the Midnight Sun") and New York City ("the Big Apple").

When Ellen was ten, she had the marvelous opportunity to go to Guadalajara for a whole summer! She and her family spent many weeks on the road in Mexico. Ellen attended summer school in Guadalajara while she and her family stayed with a local resident. Ellen kept a daily diary of the entire adventure. "American Schoolgirl Explores Mexico a Memoir" is her personal story.

Ellen enjoyed learning and graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Master's degree in Liberal Arts (1993), and from the University of Texas (Austin) with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (1976). She also has taken creative writing courses at Queen's University of Charlotte (2013-2014).

Recently, Ellen completed a rewarding 30-year career in Information Technology, first as a developer, then as a project manager. During this time, she had the opportunity to visit her favorite places - including Mexico. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Blas, writes every day and continues to travel.