Love Like Louie – An Adventure of a Girl and a Lost Dog

Love Like Louie
190 Pages
DiStasi Advisors
ISBN 978-1732706705

A heartwarming story of a girl and a lost dog, and the ‘character do-over’ they both experience.Sixth-grader Emi wants to be anyone other than Emi. She hopes that trying out for the school play will change her life, earning her a place among the popular kids. But her shyness is overwhelming. On top of that, she is no longer speaking to her best friend, Grace, who has now made friends with the “mean girls.” And there’s the mystery of a note that Emi carries everywhere with her. After yet another bad day at school, Emi meets an abandoned, skinny, mangy lost dog with an attitude, which melts Emi’s heart. Her parents make it clear she can't keep him. But Emi works hard to help him and learns right away that in order to help him, she must choose to love this unlovable dog—not an easy choice. At school, Emi unfolds the tales of the lost dog, Louie, during lunch. Soon, one by one, kids gather to listen, enthralled by Emi’s amazing gift of storytelling. She shares each day how, with the aid of a shelter close by, she’s helping Louie build trust. Helping Louie, though, means Emi will have to give him up soon so a loving family can adopt him. And letting go proves to be more difficult than she imagined. But then something happens that changes them both forever.

Danise DiStasi

About Danise DiStasi (Cincinnati, Ohio Author)

Danise DiStasi

Danise C. DiStasi adopted her rescue dog, Louie, in 2013 in Cincinnati, where she grew up. In addition to being an author, DiStasi is a noted speaker and workshop facilitator. After graduating from Xavier University with a degree in radiologic science, she spent twenty-seven years in the medical industry. Her positions over that time ranged from nuclear product specialist to manager and vice president of sales and marketing.

In 2001 DiStasi began focusing on a career in leadership development and training when she joined the Ken Blanchard Companies. Currently, she is president and chief relationship officer of DiStasi Advisors LLC, where she has been developing leaders to develop leaders through workshops, coaching, and consulting since 2005. Her clients have included Fortune 500 C-level executives and their teams, whom she has coached on leadership, character development, productivity, performance, and team-building solutions. Danise has two grandchildren, and she enjoys gardening and spending time with Louie.

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