Loving the Wind – The Story of Tiger Lily & Peter Pan

Loving the Wind
346 Pages
ISBN 978-0996771733

All Tiger Lily wants is to be a warrior and serve as one of the protectors of her people. But there are rules in the Miakoda tribe of Neverland. Girls aren’t allowed to hunt or go to war, and princesses are to remain free of danger. Things become even more complicated when she comes face to face with the legendary Peter Pan.

With Peter, Tiger Lily realizes there’s more to life than the expectations she lives under with her tribe. She struggles with wanting to stay young forever with Peter and the Lost Boys, or to grow up and conform to the Miakoda ways so she can continue her family’s legacy. But before she can decide which path to take, Tiger Lily discovers a secret that could end Neverland forever.

In Loving the Wind, a prequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter & Wendy, discover Tiger Lily's story, and experience the adventures she shared with Peter Pan before Wendy came to Neverland.

Crissi Langwell

About Crissi Langwell (Petaluma, California Author)

Crissi Langwell

Crissi Langwell is a writer, blogger, and novelist. She has 8 published books, including Reclaim Your Creative Soul, a guide for artists who wish they had more time to create, and Loving the Wind, the story of Neverland told through Tiger Lily. She lives in Petaluma with her husband, blended family of three teens, and a ridiculous teenage dog.