Lumberjack Jesus – How to Develop Faith Despite Pitfalls, Roadblocks, Stupidity and Prejudice

Lumberjack Jesus
137 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9962521-4-0 52299

In a series of essays written in memoir form, Bruce Kirkpatrick shows us a God who is loving, a good conversationalist, and often looks like a lumberjack. God comes alive in these pages in everyday life—in stories about Vietnam heroes, cowboy movies, wrestling matches and chemistry sets.

Bruce Kirkpatrick discovered that as he was consumed by anger, shame and guilt—quite literally dying on the inside—Jesus came to him, looking like a lumberjack, in a red plaid shirt and a short-cropped beard. Even as he pushed Jesus far away and with such belligerence that reconciliation seemed impossible, Jesus was always there.

Bruce learned the love of Jesus is not just for caring Christians who never falter or fail at life. If Jesus can love and accept an uncaring, self-centered, lustful dope like Bruce, he can do the same for you. Nobody is beyond his reach or his hand.

In a unique and introspective style, these stories will help you see faith in almost every circumstance in your life.

Bruce Kirkpatrick

About Bruce Kirkpatrick (Other Author)

Bruce Kirkpatrick

Bruce Kirkpatrick spent over 30 years in Silicon Valley as an executive and entrepreneur, most recently serving international clients with advertising and public relations. He developed a skill in writing about high technology products so people could actually understand what they did and why they were important.

Since his move to Southern California, he now divides his time between writing both non-fiction and fiction and serving on nonprofit boards of directors, including Christian Education Development Company and Extollo International. His nonprofit work includes helping to train Haitian men and women in employable skills, so that they can find jobs, feed their families and have hope for the future.

In his fiction, he often includes a character who loves bicycle riding. Bruce rides a 10-year-old Cannondale aluminum frame road bike. It’s been at least a couple of years since he lasted crashed, so he’s either getting better, getting more cautious, or he’s overdue.

His first novel, Hard Left, was published in 2007.