Luni327: Strangers at the Door: – Book Two of the Lunar Age Series

Luni327: Strangers at the Door:
229 Pages

During the year Bryce Burns and his friends have been on the Moon, they've learned living at the Northern Lunar Habitat is a lot like living in a small town. Now Bryce learns the downside of small town life as events plunge him and his family into a crisis with international implications. Everyone at the NLH knows that vacuum can kill. Bryce is about to learn that pressure can be just as deadly.

This is the second book in the Lunar Ages series. The third book, Luni327: Alone in the Dark will be available in late Fall of 2018.

Dan Eaton

About Dan Eaton (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Dan Eaton

Dan is a writer with seven articles published in RC Jet International and one in Electric Flight magazine. He is a photographer with pictures published in RC Jet International, Fly RC, Electric Flight, and Model Airplane News magazine. His first full length novel, “Luni327:The Journey Begins”, is the first book of the Lunar Age Series. The second book, Luni327: Strangers at the Door is due out soon. He enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy, following aviation and space events, and anything to do with Making, especially CNC machining and 3D printing. He loves to cook, hike with his wife, and fly RC Jets when ever he can. Dan and his wife live in the Saint Louis area near by their four kids, five grand kids, two grand cats, one grand lizard, and his favorite grand dog.

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