Mackenzies' Curse – Highlander Secrets Book One

Mackenzies' Curse
104 Pages
ISBN 9781540796172

Ten years with a lass ye shall have, No more, no less, ye shall return to the past.

If she forsakes all she kens, her future will be, Forever loved and protected by ye

18th-century Scottish highlander Malcolm Mackenzie is bound by a centuries-old curse of love and heartbreak. Ignoring the call to return to his time, praying he will be forgotten, he is suddenly ripped from the 21st century in a violent accident, leaving the woman he loves shattered and heartbroken.

Kathleen Mackenzie witnessed her husbands’ death and he haunts her dreams, calling out to her to find him. Devastated, she returns home to Texas, hoping to find peace, but the dreams return, and she is forced to make a decision that will affect her future.

D'Lynn Martin

About D'Lynn Martin (Denver, Colorado Author)

D'Lynn Martin

D’Lynn Martin is the pen name of Dana Medlin Martin, a native Texan of Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian descent, she was raised in San Antonio and currently resides near the mountains in Colorado with her husband and cat. As a child, she spent much of her time in the library of her schools, reading all genres of literature, and read under the cover at night by the beam of a flashlight. Reading transported her to other worlds and time periods, and fueled her desire to write. Setting aside that dream, she raised a family while working in the Human Resources field. An overactive imagination continued to create stories in her mind, and as her characters clamor to come to life, she is following her heart and pursuing her first love, writing.

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