Maisy's Mirror

Maisy's Mirror
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What people are saying about Maisy's Mirror . . .

A floodgate of passion is released in this book . . . You captured life, you captured me . . . You showed how vulnerable we all feel when we are alone and our heart hurts . . . This story is heated with emotional and physical suspense . . . A beautiful story of when we don't like what we see in a mirror but someone else can see our beauty . . . This book is in a league of its own . . . Best. Book. Ever.

An accident took her husband's life, but has her decision to live in seclusion taken her mind?

Trying to escape the secret that was exposed when he died, the young author wants no entanglements with anyone who might intrude on her solitude. Maisy Hollis is convinced her sanity is slipping when she 'meets' the handsome Wills Raines, a World War II hero whose reflection speaks with her through an antique mirror she brought home from an estate sale.

Especially when she finds herself falling in love with the dashing officer who was tragically betrayed so many decades ago.

Unfortunately, the charismatic Wills is trapped in a desolate limbo and needs the dynamic writer's help to release him from the purgatory in which he finds himself held captive.

These lost souls discover love and healing while isolated in intimate seclusion, but how will she find the courage to complete the task that will release him from his ethereal prison and from her life?

This contemporary romance is a tender and emotional journey of relationships and personal discovery, and should delight readers who enjoy a romantic fantasy with a happily-ever-after.

Mimi Foster

About Mimi Foster (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Mimi Foster

Bestselling writer of steamy romance novels in the early morning hours, award-winning Realtor during the day, Mimi is an incurable romantic who loves to create sexy but tender escapes about unforeseen encounters that forever alter lives for the better.

In addition to being married to her perfect human, Mimi is a blogger and photographer. She made five perfect female humans (her greatest achievement). They, in turn, have made five small perfect humans.

She loves to hear from readers, so be sure to find her on her website (, or interact with her on social media.