Making Friends With Our Mind – A Basic Guide to Buddhist Meditation

Making Friends With Our Mind
114 Pages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
ISBN 978-1494316044

Making Friends With Our Mind gives a basic guide to Buddhist meditation. Starting with what meditation actually is and its basics, the book moves on to topics of mindfulness; sitting and walking meditation; contemplations on loving-kindness, compassion, impermanence, death, and bodhicitta; and the nine levels of meditation. The book's intention is to help us become friends with our mind; to know it, be one with it, and train it to develop full and perfect concentration during meditation.

Quang Trí

About Quang Trí (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Quang Trí

Quang Trí has been practicing meditation since 2002 and Buddhism since 2006. He is a Dharma teacher and a Truth seeker, teaching others about Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation. As the writer of the popular website,, and author of "The Buddha Journey: Questions and Answers for the Awakening Mind" and "Making Friends with our Mind: A Basic Guide to Buddhist Meditation," Quang Trí continuously aspires to help everyone with their path toward Awakening. He is one of the senior members of his temple, Chua Phuoc Hue, as he trains to ordain as a monk.

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