Martha the Hairpreneur – From Servant to Empress

Martha the Hairpreneur
163 Pages
ISBN 9780999379400

Martha the Hairpreneur is the fictionalized story of a real Canadian servant girl who came to Rochester in 1882 with $60, a jug of herbal hair tonic, and a formula for the tonic. It is a Cinderella/Rapunzel story with a twist. The princess rescues herself. She uses the formula, her own beautiful floor length hair, and an abundance of determination to build a beauty empire. She invents the retail franchise system to expend her business while giving other poor women like herself a path out of poverty. Martha's story is a lesson in succeeding with others, instead of at the expense of others.

Sally Valentine

About Sally Valentine (Rochester, New York Author)

Sally Valentine

Sally Valentine is a native Rochesterian, who has been both a student and a teacher in the Rochester City School District. After teaching math for 25 years, she is now off on a tangent of writing. Her love for kids, books, and Rochester led her to write a series of novels for intermediate grade kids which are each set in a different Rochester landmark. The titles thus far are The Ghost of the Charlotte Lighthouse, Theft at George Eastman House, What Stinks? An Adventure in Highland Park, Lost at Seabreeze, and STORMED. She loves to do school visits.

Sally is also the author of an award winning book of poems entitled There Are No Buffalo in Buffalo. Her latest book is Martha the Hairpreneur, the true story of a Rochester woman who turned $60, a formula for hair tonic, and her own floor-length hair into an empire of 500 salons worldwide. Sally feels blessed to be a part of the rich Rochester writing community. You may contact her through her website at

Jane Plitt

About Jane Plitt (Co-Author)

Jane Plitt

Jane Plitt is the author of the adult biography of Martha Matilda Harper, Martha Matilda Harper and the American Dream, which propelled Harper back into business history, the National Women's Hall of Fame, and the American Business Hall of Fame. Sir Harold Evans in his book, They Made America, cited Harper as one of sixty entrepreneurs who changed America.

In 2017, Plitt wrote Martha's Magical Hair, a compelling young children's picture book about Harper that has been embraced by the Campaign for Grade Level Reading. As a Visiting Scholar at the University of Rochester, an award-winning businesswoman, and a recognized champion of women's rights, she has deep commitments to these causes.

Plitt is passionate about sharing Harper's wisdom and the legacy Harper offers all people in transforming their lives and the lives of others regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnic background. Check out the Harper website, like Harper's Facebook page, and sign up for the Harper newsletter. Plitt has spoken to audiences around the world and welcomes such opportunities. Contact her at