Master the Genie Within – Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You

Master the Genie Within
186 Pages
ISBN 9780985424909

You have always had the power within you. Now learn how to use it to empower yourself!

• Do you feel like your life is unfulfilled? • Do you find your life so hectic as you play so many roles for others that you don’t know who you are anymore? • Do you wonder sometimes how you came to be the person you did, as if it just happened without you having any say in the matter?

In the book, Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You, Gladys Anderson has brought to light the self-limiting masks we wear to hide who we really are. Some of the masks we wear include the People Pleaser, the Loner and Wonder Woman. Not only does the bok identify these masks but also gives readers the reason we wear masks and what we can do to shed them by tapping into our own personal genie within. The book, Master the Genie Within, draws on the metaphorical genie that magically grants our wishes. Readers learn how to call upon that powerful genie that is within all of us so that we can fulfill for ourselves our own desires and create the lives we are destined to have.

In this book, you will learn how to: • Unmask the personal genie within to free yourself from limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in indecision, confusion, and scarcity. • Reclaim your unique authenticity to live confidently, courageously, and with clarity. • Establish and reinforce your personal boundaries to achieve more time, energy, and joy. • Expose the hidden messages that are keeping you from creating the life you want and deserve.

Gladys Anderson

About Gladys Anderson (Hartford, Connecticut Author)

Gladys Anderson

Gladys Anderson is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified life coach, consultant and workshop facilitator.

Gladys helps couples and singles to receive, renovate, and restore the love, passion, respect and fun that’s been missing from their relationship with partners, family members, co-workers, friends, children, and neighbors.

She is the author of the book, Master the Genie Within, numerous self-help articles, conducts workshops on such topics as: relationship renovation, empowerment, self-control, stress management, gratitude, life balance, communications and other topics that help couples and singles create and revive the relationships they want and deserve.