Melting Steele – The Jasmine Steele Mystery Series Book 2

Melting Steele
158 Pages
Little Crown Productions
ISBN 978-0986393334

A family brutally slaughtered. A daughter disappeared into thin air... Still recovering from the murder attempt that nearly took her life, tough-as-nails New York homicide detective Jasmine Steele is slowly coming to grips with a world that's seemingly gone mad. She has every reason to fear death: her parents are both long gone, and she watched her brother bleed out following a drunk driving accident that left his wife dead and his son an orphan. Now Chase lives with his Aunt Jasmine--Jazz for short--and life was readjusting for them both until a serial killer gunning for Jazz almost resulted in the murders of both Chase and Jazz's longtime actress friend Hadley. And there are still loose ends she’s desperate to tie up…

Jazz's bleary obsession with her past is interrupted when she's assigned to a horrifying case: the entire Johnson family's been viciously murdered. Hard-boiled alert: author Kimberly Amato pulls no punches. The mother's throat was slit while trying to call for help and the father was shot in the chest, then gruesomely sliced up while still alive, like a scene from a horror film. Also found, the body of their young son, about Chase's age, left in the closet with a snapped neck. When ever-adept Jazz finds a business card in the father's wallet reading "Garrison Developments," she's suddenly on high alert. This is a link to her horrendous losses.

But it's the remaining clues to a missing fourth victim--a teenage daughter named Kaley--that leave her reeling.

Kimberly Amato

About Kimberly Amato (Long Island, New York Author)

Kimberly Amato

Kimberly Amato is the author of the best-selling Jasmine Steele Mystery series, Steele Resolve, Melting Steele and Breaking Steele. Amato is also a freelance writer, actress and filmmaker to her credit. Among her several film projects, the teleplay Party Girl, which she co-wrote and starred in, has accorded her the most honors, including The Golden Ace Award and the Aloha Accolade for Excellence in Filmmaking from the Honolulu Film Awards.

Kimberly is director of marketing and development for Stiegelbauer Associates. She is currently collaborating on the upcoming documentary film, Rise Of The Millennial, with actress/filmmaker Michelle Tomlinson.

Amato holds a BA in Psychology from Hofstra University and an MA in Forensic Psychology from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is currently working on several more books, including one titled Enemy, to be published later within the year.

Kimberly hails from the great state of New York, where she currently lives with her wife.

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