Midlife Happy Hour – Our Reward for Surviving Careers, Kids, and Chaos

Midlife Happy Hour
222 Pages
ISBN 978-1-61254-921-7

First Place Award for Midlife from the Independent Press Awards Program “Distinguished Favorite” Award for Humor from the Independent Press Awards Program Received a rare 5-Star Review from Foreword Reviews Finalist for 2016 Book of the Year!

1 Bestseller in Midlife Category and Humor Category on Amazon.com

More than 40 million middle-aged women are tumbling over the hill laughing all the way because the kids are grown, their menstrual periods stopped, and they survived at least four decades of arbitrary rules dictated by a crabby universe. They went to work with varying degrees of success and they brought home the bacon but threw it in the freezer and ordered pizza. Now they’re ready to celebrate the freedom of pending retirement because they know it’s more fun to laugh hysterically than to stab someone with a fork and deal with the messy court case and inconvenient jail time. With her irreverent kiss-my-attitude, Elaine Ambrose shares her life experiences through a series of amusing anecdotes created to show women over age 50 that life is worth living out loud. Readers will learn how to remain relevant when the world ignores them, why their children are cute but should grow up and move out, how to cope when their aging parents forget their names, and why it’s never too late to get serious about a passionate love life. She even throws in a few hints for fabulous fashion and decorating ideas for lazy people.

This creative collection of humorous, gluten-free, and non-fattening stories will encourage midlife friends to grab an adult beverage and order two laughs for the price of one as the appropriate reward for surviving careers, kids, and chaos. It’s time for Midlife Happy Hour!

Elaine Ambrose

About Elaine Ambrose (Boise, Idaho Author)

Elaine Ambrose

Elaine Ambrose is a bestselling author of several books written for midlife women. "Midlife Cabernet" and "Midlife Happy Hour" both ranked #1 in sales on Amazon.com in the Humor Category, and "Midlife Happy Hour" won First Place from the Independent Press Award, was named a Finalist for Foreword 2016 Book of the Year, and received a rare 5-Star Review from Foreword Magazine.

"Midlife Cabernet" received the Silver Medal for Humor from the Independent Publisher Book Awards, and Publishers Weekly reviewed the author as "laugh-out-loud funny."

Ambrose is an award-winning syndicated blogger on several sites and won national humor writing awards from the National Society of Newspaper Editors and from BlogHer.com.

Find her books, blogs, and events on her website, www.ElaineAmbrose.com.

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