Miles Knight: The Immigrant

Book I, "Miles Knight: The Immigrant", is the first in a series of historical/ancestral novels beginning with Miles Knight, circa 1747, who was the 5th Great Grandfather of the author Lance Knight.

Miles Knight, an historical figure, was born in Ireland and subsequently came to the American Colonies as an indentured servant. Miles Knight is the lead character whose life and times are woven into the fabric of American History.

The American Revolution absorbs Knight and his family as he establishes himself in the new world and ultimately fights as a member of the 10th North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army.

Lance Knight

About Lance Knight (Houston, Texas Author)

Lance Knight

Lance Knight aka (Ron) Knight was raised and educated in Arkansas. He is a Christian, a Vietnam Veteran, a Grandfather, an author, and an editor.

Lance began writing/journaling after retirement, as therapy for depression. He subsequently has written and published 6 books.

Lance very much enjoys helping other authors by offering his services for editing their manuscripts.

Raymond D. Mason

About Raymond D. Mason (Co-Author)

Raymond D. Mason

Raymond D. (Bud) Mason is a Christian, a Military Veteran, a Grandfather, and multi-talent writer and entertainer. Raymond has authored and co-authored over 80 books.

Raymond has become a friend and mentor of Lance Knight over the last several years.

Raymond resides in Oregon with his lovely wife.