Mission-Critical Leadership – How Smart Managers Lead Well in All Directions

Mission-Critical Leadership
191 Pages
Indie Books International
ISBN 978-1952233579

Typical leadership development focuses on a single direction: downstream in the organizational hierarchy. Leadership that is mission critical requires that you lead well in all directions: up, across, down, and inward. Mission-Critical Leadership is the book for you if you have ever:

Felt stuck in your job Been frustrated with your boss Experienced a lack of cooperation from peers at your same leadership level Wondered why the team you supervise fails to perform to your expectations

This guide will show you how to build influence and relationships that deliver impactful results. With these strategies your organization will have more engaged employees, better talent retention, and a plan for developing the next generation of leaders. When the stakes are high, smart leaders focus on what’s mission critical to cut through the clutter, clear away distractions, and ensure their teams are devoted to what’s truly essential.

Jon Lokhorst

About Jon Lokhorst (Clearwater/St. Cloud, Minnesota Author)

Jon Lokhorst

Jon Lokhorst, CPA, PCC is a leadership coach, speaker, trainer, and author. He works with organizations to develop leaders everyone wants to follow, build teams no one wants to leave, and deliver exceptional results. Before launching Lokhorst Consulting LLC, Jon enjoyed a 30-plus year career as a CPA, CFO, and organizational leader. His new book, Mission-Critical Leadership: How Smart Managers Lead Well in All Directions, published in April 2021.