Muddy Waters

When two teenage boys decide to search for signs of the elusive and officially non-existent Michigan cougar, what they discover instead might get them killed.

After Chris “Muddy” Waters saves the life of Joshua Beiler, an Amish boy, their budding friendship is made more difficult by a edict from the group the boys call “The Elders.” The restrictions are that they cannot visit at each other’s homes or use any of Muddy’s modern technology. So they meet in the woods and set out to find a cougar that Muddy is certain exists in the area. As their search expands, they stumble upon two poachers who have just killed a farmer The boys are threatening to turn them in. Discovered by the poachers the boys have to flee separately to escape being impaled by a bolt from one of the men’s crossbows. Joshua makes it to safety but Muddy has gone missing. A search team organized by the sheriff utilizes a state patrol K-9 to help find Muddy at the bottom of an earthen well dug by some long gone pioneer family.

Once Muddy’s injuries have healed the boys have two projects: first, to exact a fitting revenge on some professional fishermen who almost swamped Muddy’s life; second, to see the cougar that Joshua stumbled upon as he fled the poachers. Intertwined in this story is the growth of an enduring friendship between the two boys from diametrically different cultural backgrounds.

Douglas Ewan Cameron

About Douglas Ewan Cameron (Akron, Ohio Author)

Douglas Ewan Cameron

Douglas Ewan Cameron is Professor Emeritus from The University of Akron where he taught in the mathematics department for 28 years. Upon retirement he and his wife started spending late spring through mid-October in their cabin on the shore of Hubbard Lake in the part of Michigan's lower peninsula know as "Up North". The rest of the year they reside in Copley, Ohio and from there have traveled the world visiting all seven continents and over one hundred countries.

His first first novel "The Body in the Perch Pond" introduced Hibbard Pond, his fictionalized Hubbard Lake and started his "Up North Mystery" series. His second book "Payback is a Bitch" takes place in the Caribbean and many places around the world where he has traveled. Many of his ideas have come to him while he has been traveling and "Payback is a Bitch" is no exception. In his writing he tries to be as authentic as possible seeking help from professionals in many fields.

When he is not writing or traveling he tries to fish as much as possible and enjoys trolling for walleye in Hubbard Lake in the middle of the summer. In the winter he enjoys watching football and doing cross-stitch.