Murder for the Time Being

Murder for the Time Being
320 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62020-577-8

"You'll pay for this. I'll get you both."

Computer expert Lexi Wynn is frightened. Someone is after her, but she doesn't know why. Is it because of her past or because she was thrust into a deadly bank robbery and might identify the ones responsible? Escaping a failed kidnapping attempt and not sure who to trust, she hopes her specialized skills with computers might flush out the name of the killer. When a tall, dark, and handsome stranger rams into her truck with the hearse he's driving and puts his life in danger to save hers, can she ignore the attraction she feels for him to concentrate on the killers? Or is God the only one who can save her now?

Drew Sheffield is irritated when a cute lady stops abruptly in front of him and he plows into the back of her pickup. After their initial confrontation, flashbacks of honeysuckle and sassy green eyes linger in his thoughts. When Lexi is threatened, he steps in to help the feisty young woman, in spite of agonizing over a past relationship.

Can Lexi and Drew forget the tragedies of the past and embrace the feelings between them or will ghostly memories snub out the promise of a future together?

Joanie Bruce

About Joanie Bruce (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Joanie Bruce

Writing simple picture book manuscripts and mysteries for her children was something Joanie enjoyed doing for fun, but her passion for writing exploded when she started working in the Christian suspense genre. As an avid reader, she welcomed the transition from reading to writing and considered it a wonderful new experience to please others with her words.

Joanie has four published Christian suspense novels, "Alana Candler, Marked for Murder", "A Memory Worth Dying For," "Murder for the Time Being," and a Christmas Trilogy, "Holly, Ivy, &Intrigue."

Joanie and her husband, Ben, live on their Black Angus cattle farm in Madison, Georgia….about an hour from Atlanta. Writing and painting portraits from her home in the country is an opportunity she loves. Thankful that God has given her the talent to write, draw, and paint, Joanie strives to use them to encourage and delight others, and to honor Him in all her accomplishments.