My Blended Family – Emily's Story

My Blended Family
38 Pages
ISBN 978-145753-865-0

My Blended Family is a series of children's books that helps kids get adjusted to life in a non-traditional family setting. From losing a parent, adoption or divorce. This series help kids get adjusted to a new life.

After losing her mom and dad Emily is sent to live with her grandparents. With a lot of love and support, Emily learns to adjust to her new life on the farm.

Consuela Ingram

About Consuela Ingram (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Consuela Ingram

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio Consuela Ingram showed an interest in writing at an early age. In high school she continued her talents by writing for the school newspaper. Although in college she pursued a degree in health care, she never lost her passion for writing. After years of writing short stories, poems and teaching poetry classes, she decided to share her creative mind and become a published author. Being a mother of two beautiful children, she wanted to start by writing children’s books. Her first book, Emily’s story (My Blended Family), is one of a series that is tailored to children living in diverse home environments. Her journey as a writer does not stop there. In addition to her children’s books, this author has also written books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction stories. Continue to look for great reading from this new Author.

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