My Publishing Journey – A step-by-step guide to publishing and keepsake journal in one

My Publishing Journey
ISBN 978-0-692-68392-7

Authors, now you have a place to record every step of your publishing journey in a beautiful guided journal! This book allows you to document each moment that makes your publishing journey so special -- whether you're thinking about writing, in the midst of the process, or have already finished your book.

Inside, you'll take a tour through each stage of publishing while you fill in the details of your unique journey. Sprinkled with gorgeous artwork, author anecdotes, and advice from professionals to inform and encourage you along the way. Once completed, this journal is bound to be a long-treasured keepsake.

Tamara Dever

About Tamara Dever (Austin, Texas Author)

Tamara Dever

Tami grew up on books, music, and art. She began reading at a very early age and kept the Arrow Book Club in business for years. (Remember that?) Her dad had her convinced that country was the only “real” type of music until she discovered pop in sixth grade. In fact, while in junior high, her first concert was to see Johnny Cash with her family. She still enjoys the nostalgia classic country brings, but prefers ’70s and ’80s rock and pop these days.

Tamara Dever (Tami) is the founder and creative director of TLC Book Design, a leading, boutique book creation firm for publishers of all sizes. She's also the founder of, where she publishes ’70s and ’80s music quiz books and sells related merchandise. Tami’s totally addicted to playing lyrics trivia games with anyone who will join the fun and has an epic ’80s costume birthday party each year. Concerts are her favorite thing to do for date night and she’s seen Billy Joel eleven times! Other favorites include Queen, Journey, Styx, Chicago, and Toto. She’ll insert a fitting lyric into any conversation and can rewrite a song with lyrics that’ll make you laugh (and possibly roll your eyes) in minutes.

When not designing or writing books, you’ll find her hanging around the pool with her friends and family, listening to music, cooking allergen-friendly food, or watching music reality television shows. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, two kids, two codependent dogs, and a collection of books, cassettes, albums, and CDs.