My Ticket to Ride – From Cancer to Flourishing

My Ticket to Ride
200 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9679545-6-1

My Ticket to Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing By Cristina Whitehawk

A stage IIIC Peritoneal-Ovarian Cancer diagnosis propelled Whitehawk on an intense journey of walking her talk and walking her walk of 40+ years of personal growth study.

• Hope

30+ Mystical Moment Previews guided the author to remission.

• Power Perspective

Self-forgiveness was her most powerful healing tool.

• Inspiring

Why Whitehawk chose to love the cancer instead of hating, fighting, or killing it.

• Enlightening

How Whitehawk incorporated a body-mind-spirit approach with bio-medical approaches

• Poetry

Each chapter is preceded by Whitehawk’s inspirational poetry.

Finding the beauty in a difficult journey. – Kayla Danae Ortiz, Las Cruces, N.M.

I read the first chapter. I couldn’t put the book down until I completed it. This book is awesome! 
I loved the message. Even if you haven’t had cancer, the lessons are  powerful.

– Kay Schnizlein, Pearland, TX

Cristina Whitehawk

About Cristina Whitehawk (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Cristina Whitehawk

True wisdom comes from experience and I joyfully share 40+ years of it through my books, workshops, speaking and personal support. I’m big on creating the largest life for myself and want that for you too.