My Year Dot by Dot – A Reflective Experience for Pursuing Inner Contentment throughout each Day, Week, Month, and Year.

My Year Dot by Dot
260 Pages
ISBN 979-8620309511

How can one simple dot change your life? Let guided journal show you the way. The "My Year: Dot by Dot" journal uses an interactive dot system for viewing your daily life from a new perspective. Need support making decisions? The dot system will help you analyze how your inner contentment is being impacted by your career, relationships, friendships, and more. This can support you with life-changing decisions such as making that career change, hanging out more with positive friends, breaking off a toxic relationship, etc. Want to reflect on your overall life? Let the dot system formula archive your year with one simple dot that reflects each day, week, month, and overall year. Start your year the day you begin journaling. It is your choice to start now or right at the start of the next calendar year! This is more than a journal. It is a transformational experience allowing you to reflect and analyze your inner well-being within a simple dot system. Let "My Year: Dot by Dot" change the way you reflect and make decisions for your best life!

Stephani Winkeler

About Stephani Winkeler (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Stephani Winkeler

Steph Winkeler is a Speech-Language Pathologist, author, children's clipart designer, and creator of the simplicityhappens blog featuring free downloadable language development activities for children ages two through six.

She is data-driven, loves seeking patterns for living a more positive and fulfilling life, and finds purpose in helping others find contentment.

Her passions and creations are inspired by her two beautiful children.