Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage
320 Pages
ISBN 978-0990336006

A breakthrough drug, murder, greed, mystery, billion dollar intrigue, betrayal, love, lust, life-or-death drama, shameful secrets and a villainess unlike any other...

Drake Cody is an emergency doctor and researcher with a past no physician is allowed to have. His experimental drug may help the paralyzed walk.

Renegade agents of the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry place Drake and his family in deadly peril. Drake, his wife Rachelle, and their two children become pawns in a contest where their lives mean nothing. Rachelle's duty as a mother is tested beyond limits. Drake's shocking history may help save them - or assure their destruction.

Tom Combs

About Tom Combs (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Tom Combs

Tom Combs' career as an ER physician provides the foundation for his unforgettable characters and riveting plots. His emotional engagement arises from 25 years of helping those those facing illness, trauma and tragedy.

Taking an unusual career path, Tom worked jobs using jackhammers, chainsaws, and heavy machinery. He then shifted to laboratory equipment and, eventually, to the stethoscope, scalpel and other tools of the Emergency Medicine specialist. His current weapons of choice are the keyboard and a dangerously fertile imagination.

Nerve Damage, his debut thriller, is a story of high-level intrigue and edge-of-your seat suspense.

Tom has spent the last decade writing. The author-educators of the Loft Literary Center provided invaluable instruction and assistance.

Tom lives with his artist wife in Minneapolis/St. Paul and anticipates release of book two of the Drake Cody series early fall '16.

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