Neutral or Better – How to feel content about your life no matter what disaster you are standing in

Neutral or Better
108 Pages
ISBN 9798622765827

Being alive has a magical quality. Operating a human body is a singular event in the entire universe. When these concepts are truly appreciated, then every moment of every day needs to be enjoyed. Being alive should be a baseline for containment. Neutral or Better offers rules and regulations to always stay at or above this baseline. Most everyday situations that may cause drama are planned for. If reaction or non reaction to all possible drama is already prepared for, then when it happens the blow to the mental state is negligible. Being alive should be first and foremost in every human's mind. Being alive is complete magic and should be enjoyed no matter what is taking place. Reading Neutral or Better offers a constant even mental attitude that will just create an easy life no matter what disaster you are standing in.

Doug Mazell

About Doug Mazell (Los Angeles, California Author)

Doug Mazell

Doug Mazell has been a filmmaker for more than twenty years. His keen eye and story telling ability has offered him insights into how humanity works and what is truly behind every human's reach for survival. Mazell has been working on a series of book that he hopes will alter humanity from strictly a survival based species to one of complete self awareness. Mazell hopes to have his new books published soon. Mazell's Neutral or Better will soon be turned into a TV program.