Never Done

Never Done
381 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5092-1372-6

Colorado. 1885. Sparks fly when two young friends become ex-friends after one secretly marries the other's widowed father. In one shocking night, fourteen-year-old Clara's world crumbles when she learns her best friend Geneva, only two years older, is now her stepmother.

Clara's father Albert is a wealthy rancher. Feeling betrayed by her pa and Geneva, Clara wants nothing to do with her former friend. Geneva pushes back, beginning a clash of wills that lasts until the flu epidemic of 1918.

The girls mature, raise families, but their lives take dramatically different turns. Geneva's homes are elegantly furnished and equipped with conveniences such as piped water. Clara marries a cowboy Geneva fancies, but moves from the comfortable home she'd always known to a cold, fifteen-by-fifteen-foot cabin.

Unfortunately, Clara is linked to Geneva by marriage, forcing her to be cordial to her former friend at family gatherings, social outings, etc. Burdened by work and fighting envy, can Clara put aside the past? Can she and Geneva salvage a relationship that was once the center of their world?

If you enjoy family dramas, you will love Never Done.

Ginger Dehlinger

About Ginger Dehlinger (Bend, Oregon Author)

Ginger Dehlinger

Ginger Dehlinger is a native Oregonian who writes about the American West. Brute Heart, a novel set in Oregon, was a finalist in the contemporary fiction category for the 2012 Big Al's Books 'n Pals People's Choice Award. "Last Ride," an essay about tumbleweeds, won first prize in the 2011 Rising Star contest for Pacific Northwest writers. A short story, "The Embroidered Sheets," was a finalist for the Women Writing the West "Laura" award in 2013. Ginger has also received recognition for her poetry.

She is a member of the Central Oregon Writer's Guild, Women Writing the West, and the executive committee of the Lake of the Woods Oregon Historical Society. She also participates in a critique group of fellow writers. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, reading, and travel.

Ginger was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon. After high school she attended the University of Oregon where she majored in history, minored in English, graduating with a Phi Beta Kappa key. She has traveled to many countries and has lived in several cities including New York , Los Angeles, Portland, and greater Phoenix. She now lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Dick and a cat named Kiki.

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