Newsroom Buddies – A Working Friendship at United Press International

Newsroom Buddies
222 Pages
ISBN 978-4917-2839-0

Co-authors Sandi Latimer and John Kady worked side by side for some 22 years at United Press International in Columbus, Ohio, and lived in the same ZIP code. They often rode to work together, helped each other writing stories, and shared in the good times and bad in personal lives.

When the once great world-wide news agency started to crumble, Sandi helped her co-workers write resumes while she wrote news and feature stories, and John moved into sales.

Both took other jobs, but their love of writing brought them together again when both began writing and publishing. This close friendship led to their endeavor on Newsroom Buddies. John passed away as Sandi was editing their book. She extended her self-imposed deadline so she could write a new last chapter -- a tribute to her friend of 45 years.

Sandi Latimer

About Sandi Latimer (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Sandi Latimer

Sandi Latimer earned a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism from Kent State University in 1965. She has worked in radio, daily newspapers, UPI, medical communications, as, volunteer coordinator at a cemetery, and now writes for a weekly newspaper.

She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and walking. She and her late husband had raised nine toys poodles their first 27 years of marriage, an experience she chronicled in Poodle Mistress.

John Kady

About John Kady (Co-Author)

John Kady

John Kady grew up near the coal fields in West Virginia. After his military obligation, he enrolled in West Virginia University where he earned a degree in journalism. His first job was with United Press International in Charleston, West Virginia, in 1959 where his first big assignment was covering a Massachusetts senator who was seeking the Democrat nomination for President.

John worked in Charleston, Baltimore, Louisville, and Columbus, Ohio during his lengthy UPI career.

He is the author of A Sentry's Saga on Okinawa and From Kennedy to Kent State: A Reporter's Notebook. He passed away during the editing process of Newsroom Buddies.