Night Hag in the Flame – new and selected poems

Vignettes of friendship, betrayal, loyalty, love, and grief mingled with magic collide in this bold new collection of Melissa Eatherington's poems. These clear-voiced lines celebrate the perennial and the fleeting -- and the journey of a woman rising into her own power.

Melissa Eatherington

About Melissa Eatherington (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Melissa Eatherington

Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, Melissa (Mel) Eatherington moved to San Antonio with her husband and three children in 2010. Since then, she has published two collections of poetry (Opalescing and Night Hag in the Flame) and is currently hard at work on a third.

When not writing poetry, Mel can be found singing, chasing her menagerie, or crafting (ornaments, jewelry, origami, you name it). This over-caffeinated, insomniac poet has a penchant for all things creative and an abiding love for the human nature she insists is generally good.

You can find Mel's published works on Amazon. Drop her a line at to discover her other ongoing projects -- or just to say hello!

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