Nikki in Time

Nikki in Time
360 Pages
ISBN 978-1521328606

Nikki Parker is about to turn thirteen and wants nothing more than to go back in time before this year ever started. The bully at her new Middle School uses her to sharpen his criminally bad insulting skills, she’s growing apart from her best friend, and to top it off, she has an annoying little brother ruining things at home.

Things take a drastic turn when she finds a pocket watch that takes her on an adventure through time and space. She meets BEAU, a sentient rocket that is low on power and high on secrets. He tells her about the Starbinders, who were tasked with protecting Earth’s timeline, but were thought to be lost to history…until now.

Nikki soon learns that she might just get her wish and be able to change her past, but standing in her way is the villainous Reis, a time traveler who has his own twisted relationship with BEAU. She must decide right from wrong and make a choice that will change her life forever.

Troy Lyons

About Troy Lyons (Louisville, Kentucky Author)

Troy Lyons

Troy Lyons lives in Kentucky with his wife and two daughters. His debut novel, NIKKI in TIME, was inspired by his oldest daughter along with his love of Star Trek, Doctor Who and comic books.

He enjoys writing middle grade because that's when kids are their most interesting. They're happy watching cartoons and eating cereal while also able to have a meaningful conversation about the serious issues of life.

You can follow Troy on Twitter: @troywrites or Facebook: