No One Left Behind – Al-Unidos Liberation Chronicles Book 1

No One Left Behind
254 Pages

CALEXIT. It is no longer a threat to the nation. It is no longer a promise to those who yearn for it. It is now the state of reality. Is this fiction or prophecy? "No One Left Behind" is truly the just-in-time EOTWAWKI political adventure for today.

Fed up with intrusive meddling in their enlightened progressive society by a reactionary and regressive federal government, the three west coast states decide enough is enough. For a century they have made steady progress toward an inclusive and judgment-free culture. Now it could all be dismantled in eight years by an unpredictable but conservative president and his cronies in Congress. The west coast must secede to protect their residents from tyranny.

Chief Carson is compelled out of retirement into a harrowing rescue mission behind the lines of this new nation. To rescue his daughter, he must navigate danger, ill-defined political boundaries, and violent factions that span the spectrum of politics and self-interest.

David C. Perry breaks into this genre with the same detailed and intricately researched backdrop details that he brought to American Naval History. Now he places you in the center of history as it is being made.

David C. Perry

About David C. Perry (Spokane, Washington Author)

David C. Perry

Writing the stories of the brave men and women who have served our country at sea is one of David's greatest joys. Thoroughly researched for actual events and reliable backdrops, Perry uses period and nautical language to tell the true stories of these intrepid patriots.

Born in Stockton, California in the 1950s, David moved to Seattle, Washington in 1960 with his parents and brother. The family eventually settled in Libby, Montana.

David reported to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 1977. It was at this time that he was introduced to that intrepid seafaring officer, Horatio Hornblower, by C.S Forester.

After a lifetime reading this inspiring genre, David decided it was time that the early US Navy had someone to tell their story. Thus, the "Not Self but Country" series was born!

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