No Page Left Unturned – Short Stories selected by LCRW

No Page Left Unturned
156 Pages
ISBN 9781718164017

Within these pages, you will find twenty-four stories of various genres and length selected from the Lilac City Rochester Writers’ 2018 Short Story contest. To honor our top three entries, we begin our anthology with their narratives in order of finish. The remaining stories are distributed randomly for your reading pleasure.

Lilac City Rochester Writers

About Lilac City Rochester Writers (Rochester, New York Author)

Lilac City Rochester Writers

Lilac City Rochester Writers (LCRW) is a group of writers, some new to writing, others with more experience, and some published, located in Rochester, New York. Monthly meetings offer educational programs and, three times each year, peer critiques of writers’ works-in-progress. In addition, we have sponsored conferences and contests such as the 2018 Short Story Contest.

The stories in "No Page Left Unturned" were created and written solely by authors who are independent of LCRW. LCRW assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, and does not guarantee accuracy, relevance or completeness of any non-fiction. Within works of fiction, the names, characters, businesses, places and events are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. You’ll find general fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs. Some fiction is romance, some speculative fiction and more.

We at LCRW hope you enjoy this selection of stories and will visit our website.

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