Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man
206 Pages
ISBN 978-1-539-14261-4

Curt Delaville was a man who had it all. To outsiders, he’s a successful insurance executive at the top of his game. But looks can be deceiving, because behind closed doors, Curt is a domineering husband and father.

But when his ordered life comes crashing down after developing amnesia from a blow to his head, Curt realizes he has not only lost control of his life, he can’t remember what his life was like before his injury stripped him of who and what he was.

Will he return to the life he lost and the man he was, or is he willing to lose it all in search for redemption? This rags-to-riches-to-redemption story shows how precious life is, and how one wrong turn can change your life forever.

Thomas A. Russell

About Thomas A. Russell (South Bend, Indiana Author)

Thomas A. Russell

I’m a former editor from Mishawaka, Indiana for the national magazine “RV TRADE DIGEST.”

After years of not following my dreams of becoming an author, I finally found the courage at 52 to write my first novel, “Finding Your True North: A Bullied Teen’s Journey of Hope.”

Soon after, I published my second novel, “Nowhere Man,” and the next year I wrote a biography on a famous Motown drummer.

But this year I have started my most ambitious novel, actually a companion book to the first book on bullying. I have collaborated with those victims of bullying who tell about their experiences to let other people know they are not alone.

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