Nuggets of Spirit on the Run

Nuggets of Spirit on the Run
120 Pages
LeClair Publications
ISBN 9780999383537

Mark LeClair DeGange's healing spirit and love of words illuminate the heart of a spiritual life in Nuggets of Spirit on the Run. No long metaphysical tomes to wade through here. His succinct yet expressive way of sharing his spiritual teachings go to the core of the issue and reveal fresh, new perspectives for the spiritual seeker.

From the very firs nugget, aptly titled Nuggets of Spirit, Mark's book takes you down the road of self-mastery through a collection of poetic snapshots of reality. The cogent and timeless nuggets invite you to tap into an expanded vision of yourself as easily as they bluntly expose the machinations of the ego. Whatever the theme being tackled in Nuggets of Spirit on the Run one thing is certain, the "pure logic of love" is at work, which makes the only sense worth having. The compelling reasons of the heart stand forth. They unite you with your humanity.

Whatever your approach to spirituality is these nuggets of Spirit will leave you lifted, lighter and craving more.

Mark LeClair DeGange

About Mark LeClair DeGange (Jacksonville, Florida Author)

Mark LeClair DeGange

Mark LeClair DeGange is an author, humanitarian, spiritual teacher/healer and anchor of the light of the Most High. A life-changing encounter with the Bengali God-man Ramakrishna in a meditation years ago awakened Mark to divine Love. He has since been discovering and sharing what it means to integrate that in our daily experience.

Mark has taught meditation, Shiatsu, American Yoga, and self-healing techniques in New York, Boston, St. Louis, and in Greece, where he lived for five years. He loves to share the light through his seminars and writings. He is the author of Be Still, Behold and Dance to the Divine, which is available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. His next book, Nuggets of Spirit on the Run, will be released some time in 2018.

He gives God all the credit. Mark is also grateful for his training in Rudra Meditation, Christian Science, and for the loving guidance of the Ascended Masters.

He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his loving wife, Maria. They have two children, Georgios and Natalia.